Our Favorite New Jewelry Trend: The Mangagement Ring

March 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

Though it has long been traditional for men to wear engagement rings in Nordic countries, Jewelers across the United States (us included) are starting to take note of more and more men requesting and being gifted commitment rings of their own. Could this be just another example of the US catching up to European fashions, or does the mangagement ring symbolize something more? With the recent rise in men’s jewelry sales across the board (i.e. the men’s bracelet is one of the fastest growing accessories in the country), perhaps the man’s role as a jewelry consumer is beginning to evolve.

A couple things to note: gay and straight men from all walks of life are signing on to the trend. Additionally, there have not been any major “mangagement” advertising campaigns– the demand appears to be growing organically. To us, this is no surprise. The idea is simple- a woman traditionally receives an engagement ring to symbolize love and commitment, why shouldn’t a man?


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