A Gem Lover’s Dream: Rare Vintage Tourmaline Beads

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Indicolite Blue Tourmaline BeadsIt’s not often we get weak kneed over gemstones, but every once in a while something truly extraordinary comes along and makes our collective pulses race. In this case it’s very rare colored blue-green tourmaline beads, known in the gem world as indicolite, mined over thirty years ago in Maine.  The Mt. Mica mine was founded in 1821, making it the oldest mine in the United States. It produced very little of this color, which means to have two matched strands is even more rare. These two strands were discovered in a safe that had been locked away for over twenty years. They are still strung on the original thread with their original clasps in tact.

Pink Tourmaline BeadsThese incredible pink tourmalines, also American mined from the Mt. Mica Mine, are another rare find. Most pink tourmaline has dark spots, or inclusions, but this strand is completely clean. These stones are consistently bright pink, beautifully polished and sparkling.  They are also remain on the original thread with their original clasps in tact.

Indicolite & Pink Tourmaline BeadsWe are looking for the right home for these very special finds. If you are swooning like we are, come see them in person because the photos do not do them justice. We will restring them and customize the clasps for you.



April Newsletter

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The Unique Craft Of Handmade Titanium Rings

D&H Featured Artisan:
Curtis H. Arima 

A metalsmith and a fine-jewelry artisan, Curtis H. Arima began hand-making titanium rings 10 years ago at a customer’s request. That’s right – HAND-MAKING. If you’re not familiar with titanium, it is a durable, lightweight, and extremely difficult metal to work with. In the jewelry industry, titanium pieces are typically mass manufactured by machine. But, not if you work with Curtis.

“A client asked if I could make a finger-shaped titanium ring after he saw one of my gold pieces. At the time, I remember thinking that it was impossible, but after a few weeks of trial and error, I managed to make it work. Today, I make one to three titanium rings at a time, machining each ring to order, hot-forging them, and painstakingly hand-finishing them.”


Check out how Curtis crafts these amazing rings on YouTube and visit D&H to see some of his finished pieces.

D&H Visits Preston of Dry Creek –

An Organic Farm and Winery



In celebration of Earth Day, we’d like to introduce you to another sustainable business contributing to the well-being of our planet – Preston of Dry Creek. Owners Lou and Susan Preston established this beautiful sustainable winery and farm in the Dry Creek valley, about one hour north of San Francisco. We recently visited their operations and were inspired by their commitment to the land and the elegant wines they produce.

According to their website:  “The essentials of organic growing – and the foundation of our farm plan – are natural growing techniques and a balanced eco-system. This includes the avoidance of genetically-engineered organisms and all synthetic and artificial materials.  This requires reverence for, and practice of, plant and species diversity.”

D&H regularly carries their exquisite wines at our in-store wine bar. Come by and let us pour a glass for you!


Hope to see you soon,

Shawn and Lindsay

New D&H Staff Favorites

Here are a few items that we just can’t stop looking at this month…

Platinum Baguette Diamond Eternity BandThese platinum diamond eternity bands feature conflict-free baguette-cut diamonds set in upcycled platinum. Their clean lines make them a perfect compliment to any ring.


Forged Cut Diamond BraceletThis oxidized sterling silver bracelet is hand forged and features round, brilliant cut white diamonds in 14k yellow gold.

Etruscan Round Diamond Gold RingThis upcycled 18k yellow gold ring features a conflict free round brilliant cut diamond surrounded with conflict free round full cut diamonds

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