It’s a new year, fulfill your resolution to give your jewelry some love.

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For most of us, our jewelry is personal and precious whether it is something we purchased or inherited. In order to ensure lifetimes of wear and enjoyment, D&H is here to assist you in protecting and updating your most precious and sentimental items: 

·       Repair, check-ups, and cleanings

·       Vintage and antique jewelry restoration

·       Redesign and repurpose of your current pieces

·       Appraisals for insurance

 Having insurance can help replace a lost or stolen item, but did you know that some insurance companies cover regular maintenance services such as broken/bent prongs, broken earring backs, and clasp replacement? However, you must get your pieces appraised and insured first! Let D&H deliver a first-rate appraisal, and if you’re searching for a reputable insurance group, we recommend the company we use, Jewelers Mutual. But, other homeowners and renters insurance companies provide some jewelry coverage as well.

 And, don’t forget D&H’s staff of designers to help you restore or re-imagine pieces in your current collection. Click to schedule your design consultation appointment.

You can view examples of past custom designs here.



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