Benitoite– a California gem collector’s dream. 

March 4, 2015 § Leave a comment


Even if you live in or are from California, you may not have heard about the state’s official gemstone – Benitoite (buh-nee-toh-ahyt), named after San Benito county– the ONLY place in the world where it is found. It is a stone infinitely rarer than diamonds and one of the most sought-after gems.

So you can imagine that D&H owners Lindsay and Shawn were absolutely blown away when this uncommon, exquisite gemstone crossed their paths.  “To say we were thrilled doesn’t cover it. We’ve only seen this gemstone a handful of times. When we saw the quality and size of this Benitoite stone we knew we had to have it and we knew how we would set it,” said Lindsay.

This exceptional Benitoite is set in the Heritage solitaire style, part of D&H’s own Legacy necklace collection. This minimalist design ensures the stone remains the highlight of the piece with an open setting on both sides so the gemstone rests directly against the skin. It is a radiant violet blue and the dispersions – the way the light reflects off the stone – are brilliant.

“Benitoite is something that many people don’t have the opportunity to see in their lifetime,” remarked Shawn, “Don’t miss out on the opportunity to come and see it!”


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