Benitoite– a California gem collector’s dream. 

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Even if you live in or are from California, you may not have heard about the state’s official gemstone – Benitoite (buh-nee-toh-ahyt), named after San Benito county– the ONLY place in the world where it is found. It is a stone infinitely rarer than diamonds and one of the most sought-after gems.

So you can imagine that D&H owners Lindsay and Shawn were absolutely blown away when this uncommon, exquisite gemstone crossed their paths.  “To say we were thrilled doesn’t cover it. We’ve only seen this gemstone a handful of times. When we saw the quality and size of this Benitoite stone we knew we had to have it and we knew how we would set it,” said Lindsay.

This exceptional Benitoite is set in the Heritage solitaire style, part of D&H’s own Legacy necklace collection. This minimalist design ensures the stone remains the highlight of the piece with an open setting on both sides so the gemstone rests directly against the skin. It is a radiant violet blue and the dispersions – the way the light reflects off the stone – are brilliant.

“Benitoite is something that many people don’t have the opportunity to see in their lifetime,” remarked Shawn, “Don’t miss out on the opportunity to come and see it!”

It’s a new year, fulfill your resolution to give your jewelry some love.

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For most of us, our jewelry is personal and precious whether it is something we purchased or inherited. In order to ensure lifetimes of wear and enjoyment, D&H is here to assist you in protecting and updating your most precious and sentimental items: 

·       Repair, check-ups, and cleanings

·       Vintage and antique jewelry restoration

·       Redesign and repurpose of your current pieces

·       Appraisals for insurance

 Having insurance can help replace a lost or stolen item, but did you know that some insurance companies cover regular maintenance services such as broken/bent prongs, broken earring backs, and clasp replacement? However, you must get your pieces appraised and insured first! Let D&H deliver a first-rate appraisal, and if you’re searching for a reputable insurance group, we recommend the company we use, Jewelers Mutual. But, other homeowners and renters insurance companies provide some jewelry coverage as well.

 And, don’t forget D&H’s staff of designers to help you restore or re-imagine pieces in your current collection. Click to schedule your design consultation appointment.

You can view examples of past custom designs here.


Our *New* Croissant Obsession Collection

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Croissants … we love the taste, the texture, the way a superbly-made one literally melts in your mouth.

But a more subtle reason we love a croissant is its shape. The ridged crescent and playful flakes make a croissant immediately identifiable and unique. When you see one in a bakery case, in beckons to you with its beauty and allure of the decadent feast to come.

We couldn’t help ourselves. We had to honor this mouth-watering treat in 18k gold.

Here’s how the D&H ones were born. First, we carved a miniature version in hard, blue wax. Then, we cast it in silver to make sure we liked the shape. Next, it went to our master engraver who added the “flakey” texture. Once he worked his magic, we cast each one in upcycled, 18k yellow gold and created the Croissant Obsession earrings and necklace.

Our croissant obsession is just one of a million possibilities for unique, fun jewelry. Do you have an idea for earrings, a necklace or any other piece? Let us help you make it come to life. Email or call any time.


designer : Audra Glyn for D & H

D&H Brings Back the Free Appraisal Event

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Back by popular demand, D&H will host its complimentary appraisal event, October 10-11. Bring in your precious, sentimental jewelry and our experts will spend up to 30 minutes to:

·       Provide approximate price valuations
·       Conduct thorough check ups
·       Recommendations for full insurance appraisals
·       Clean up those gems

D&H’s design and repair specialists will be on hand for restoration and re-design consultations. Check out last month’s newsletter for one of our latest re-designed creations.

Dates/Times: Friday October 10th 5PM-8PM, Saturday October 11th 11AM-6PM
Drop-in’s and appointments both welcome. Call or email to reserve your preferred day and time:

How the Luna Ring was Born

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D&H Designs New Piece With Family Heirloom

I love the challenge of creating a one-of-a-kind ring that reflects the client’s style and taste. Earlier this year, a client and his mother asked me to help create an engagement ring incorporating a vintage diamond from a ring often worn by his grandmother. The stone was magnificent.


As the three of us started talking about his future fiancé. I discovered that she leads a very active life and therefore would need a bezel design, as opposed to one using prongs, to help ensure the stone’s safety. I knew immediately that because of the diamond’s age, and a few small chips on the stone, that the design must include a partial or full bezel to protect it.


And the Luna Ring was born.


We designed a ring with clean, straight lines coming down from the center diamond with a slight taper to the band. It provides a more delicate and feminine look.


We added a small “window” the same shape as the bottom of the stone, which enables people to see a side view of the diamond.  And, to give some extra sparkle, we added two accent stones also from his grandmother’s ring. We “flush set” them on the sides to maintain a smooth look.



Lastly, we wanted the ability to stack a wedding or anniversary band flush against the ring.


As you can see, the resulting piece is stunning, so stunning that we immediately added it to our own Legacy line.


Since designing the first Luna Ring, we have recreated it with slight modifications based on client requests. It has proven to be a versatile ring design, lends itself well to many stones, including different shapes and colors.



Audra Smith
Designer for D&H

Mine-Cut Diamond Jewelry Added to D&H’s Legacy Line

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Necklaces & Earrings Created from World’s First Diamond Mines

We recently encountered vintage “old mine” cut diamonds and immediately knew the hand-cut pieces would add something special to D&H’s own Legacy line. The “old mine” label references the diamonds’ historic past – they are some of the first discovered in India, prior to the discovery of diamonds in Africa, and date back to the 1830s.

Because they are hand cut (machine assistance did not happen until the 1900’s), each one is a unique creation. They have high crowns (top part of diamond) and a narrow table (flat surface on top of stone), which creates a domed top.

Our Legacy old mine pendants were individually hand-fabricated and designed to highlight the one-of-a-kind shape of each piece. We’ve left both top and bottom of the stone exposed so you can enjoy it from all angles.

Hint: old mine diamonds were cut for candlelight so they sparkle in even the dimmest light. Come try on a piece and see for yourself.

A Gem Lover’s Dream: Rare Vintage Tourmaline Beads

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Indicolite Blue Tourmaline BeadsIt’s not often we get weak kneed over gemstones, but every once in a while something truly extraordinary comes along and makes our collective pulses race. In this case it’s very rare colored blue-green tourmaline beads, known in the gem world as indicolite, mined over thirty years ago in Maine.  The Mt. Mica mine was founded in 1821, making it the oldest mine in the United States. It produced very little of this color, which means to have two matched strands is even more rare. These two strands were discovered in a safe that had been locked away for over twenty years. They are still strung on the original thread with their original clasps in tact.

Pink Tourmaline BeadsThese incredible pink tourmalines, also American mined from the Mt. Mica Mine, are another rare find. Most pink tourmaline has dark spots, or inclusions, but this strand is completely clean. These stones are consistently bright pink, beautifully polished and sparkling.  They are also remain on the original thread with their original clasps in tact.

Indicolite & Pink Tourmaline BeadsWe are looking for the right home for these very special finds. If you are swooning like we are, come see them in person because the photos do not do them justice. We will restring them and customize the clasps for you.


April Newsletter

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The Unique Craft Of Handmade Titanium Rings

D&H Featured Artisan:
Curtis H. Arima 

A metalsmith and a fine-jewelry artisan, Curtis H. Arima began hand-making titanium rings 10 years ago at a customer’s request. That’s right – HAND-MAKING. If you’re not familiar with titanium, it is a durable, lightweight, and extremely difficult metal to work with. In the jewelry industry, titanium pieces are typically mass manufactured by machine. But, not if you work with Curtis.

“A client asked if I could make a finger-shaped titanium ring after he saw one of my gold pieces. At the time, I remember thinking that it was impossible, but after a few weeks of trial and error, I managed to make it work. Today, I make one to three titanium rings at a time, machining each ring to order, hot-forging them, and painstakingly hand-finishing them.”


Check out how Curtis crafts these amazing rings on YouTube and visit D&H to see some of his finished pieces.

D&H Visits Preston of Dry Creek –

An Organic Farm and Winery



In celebration of Earth Day, we’d like to introduce you to another sustainable business contributing to the well-being of our planet – Preston of Dry Creek. Owners Lou and Susan Preston established this beautiful sustainable winery and farm in the Dry Creek valley, about one hour north of San Francisco. We recently visited their operations and were inspired by their commitment to the land and the elegant wines they produce.

According to their website:  “The essentials of organic growing – and the foundation of our farm plan – are natural growing techniques and a balanced eco-system. This includes the avoidance of genetically-engineered organisms and all synthetic and artificial materials.  This requires reverence for, and practice of, plant and species diversity.”

D&H regularly carries their exquisite wines at our in-store wine bar. Come by and let us pour a glass for you!


Hope to see you soon,

Shawn and Lindsay

New D&H Staff Favorites

Here are a few items that we just can’t stop looking at this month…

Platinum Baguette Diamond Eternity BandThese platinum diamond eternity bands feature conflict-free baguette-cut diamonds set in upcycled platinum. Their clean lines make them a perfect compliment to any ring.


Forged Cut Diamond BraceletThis oxidized sterling silver bracelet is hand forged and features round, brilliant cut white diamonds in 14k yellow gold.

Etruscan Round Diamond Gold RingThis upcycled 18k yellow gold ring features a conflict free round brilliant cut diamond surrounded with conflict free round full cut diamonds

D&H Sustainable Jewelers


2323 Market St, San Francisco CA 94114



M-Sat  11am-8pm

Sun  12pm-5pm

Special Shopping Event with Rebecca Overmann

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Join us for a special two day shopping event with the highly talented Rebecca Overmann.  Her handmade jewelry has an organic feel and has been featured in InStyle, Marie Claire, Lucky and 7×7 magazines to name a few.   Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get a jump on your holiday shopping, meet the artist and peruse her entire collection.

When:  Saturday Dec. 14th 11am – 8pm  & Sunday Dec. 15th 12pm – 5pm

Where: D&H Sustainable Jewelers
2323 Market St.
San Fransisco, CA 94114

D&H Builds Direct Connection to African Diamond Mines

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Recently D & H visited one of Botswana’s operational diamond mines, Jwaneng, which is one of the world’s largest diamond mines by value. Our primary goal is to connect mines and cutting facilities in Botswana directly with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and then again directly with our clients. This direct chain of custody will disperse profits to the Botswanan people through their amazing system of government which provides social programs–including a free education through college–to all citizens.

We will be reporting regularly on the progress of this project, but in the meantime, please come and visit us to hear stories of our journey and how these diamonds turned one of the poorest countries in the world into one of the most stable and wealthy economies in Africa.

Looking forward  to see you at D&H,

Lindsay and Shawn